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In 2013 I wrote this earnest Medium post Why I Left Improv and (Spoiler Alert) Why I’m Going Back. It’s a tad cringey:

Things weren’t all terrible. Improv did inspire me to be more creative and I gave sketch writing a try, to some success. I wrote for some shows, had a disastrous learning experience when producing a filmed sketch, and connected with some other great writers. Unfortunately, as it does with the performing arts, things fall apart and I was again left without a homebase, a group to write with. I was untethered and I hated it. Sure, nothing is stopping me from writing anything at any time. But what’s the point of a sketch if there is no audience for it.

That return to improv didn’t last long either. I left it then feeling like improv was something that was no longer for me. I made some of the best friends I have and some of the greatest experiences of my life, but to tell you the truth, it really did some damage to my self-worth and my social anxiety. Improv people are fun, but many are also seeking validation from their humor, and a lot of times the relationships were surface and hinged on doing bits all the time. I need a healthy balance.

SO WHAT? Those who can’t do, teach. I have a chance to teach an improv class for students and the community and the classes are free (and I don’t get paid) but I think I’ll have fun teaching the basics and making it a space for people who, like, me, were scared to try for so long.

This could be bad.

But it could be good.

And YES PEOPLE OVER FORTY CAN BE GOOD AT IMPROV. [When I did improv in the Bay Area, there was some very weird ageist attitudes.]\

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As you know, I presented a possible research project about sci fi romance. Here are the juicy bits from my presentation.

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