I need so much more information

I know some of you have stayed away from news, social media, or anything out of survival. I think that’s a good idea, and a true way to practice self-care.

So warning, this story is pretty fucking horrifying.

This week, parents of students at Truman State University are suing the university because a fraternity member had convinced five people to commit suicide. This is a gross exploitation of people struggling with mental illness. But, readers, you know that I want to know the grossest details:

What did he say to them? In what way can someone be this heartless and calculating?

Speaking of heartless and calculating, have you seen this NPR story about this young American woman who started a charity in Uganda to help malnourished children, and then started imposing medical practices? What sort of white savior maniacal complex must one have? Also, did she do it for the blog?

I know this here thing is supposed to be about grad school, but for now let’s just call it “Robin’s obsession with atrocities and the people that cause them.”

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