Snowy day reading

I’m lodging a complaint somewhere (God? the atmosphere?) because it’s snowing badly and I was planning on driving 30 minutes away to see Parasite in the theater like a goddamn civilized human.

Now I guess I’m forced to work on the chapter of the edited collection I committed to writing and reading the internet.

Binge and Purge: The Rise of Extreme Film Criticism

Inside the Spectacular Implosion at the Romance Writers of America

Anatomy of the Wife Guy

The Ladies Who Launch Lingua Franca and the rise of the resistance socialite.

A Requiem for Hot Topic

What Ever Happened to _____?

At some point, I would like to discuss the disgrace of The New Yorker’s Daily Shouts. This is the best humor writing? Really?

Travel tips for introverts

More moments of 2019

I just want to mention some moments from popular media that made an impact on me, mostly from television:

Years and Years, “The Erstwhile Sites”

The miniseries Years and Years was the best thing on television. Emma Thompson plays Prime Minister Vivian Rook, who, on this clip, explains how the government can get away with concentration camps. This show is a dystopia that is too real.

Black Mirror, “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too”

The episode was not very well-liked, and I get it. What I like about it is that the plot mirrored the message of faux-feminist consumerism: the Ashley O doll sold girls a stylized, predictable type of feminism, and the plot followed tropes of young-adult plots. Also? The song is pretty good.

The opening scene to Climax, a very flawed and anxiety-producing film. I’m no dance expert, but I recognize various influences from Harlem drag balls.

Moira Rose, icon. The thing about Schitt’s Creek is that it pulls off sentimental and sincere.

Oscars Y2K

Dystopian AF

You wake up in your house. A house. But there’s only a few rooms. An apartment? It resembles something like an apartment that used to be….decorated in clean lines, bright colors, slogans on the walls. It’s stocked with things you need for the next month…year…? You have a vague memory of your old life. The struggle. The constant fight for survival.

But this, this is a memory that you are not sure is yours. The apartment, the appliances, the electronics…you are remembering a collective culture. This is how people used to live, but that was in the before time. Suddenly, the screen in the living area lights up. It’s talking to you. PEOPLE are talking to you. Through a chat. You can’t see them, but you are told they are there. They could be in the rooms next to you, they can be across the country. They could be in a different dimension of time.

The noises and the light slowly bring back your memory of the last few months. You were in prison. You were put there by unjust laws in a world that was already hell. This could be better. You have food. Space. A shower with several water pressure settings.

On the screen, you are invited to chat. You reach out to the others, but you realize what you are meant to do. This is another type of a fight for survival. For likability. To be an influencer. You’ve traded one prison for another. If you don’t play the game, you are eliminated. Being disliked is worse than death.

You are a contestant on The Circle.

Please join the current dystopia of the gig economy by becoming a subscriber. Hey look! It’s 50% off a subscription.

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